C R E W - Jane Robertson

C R E W - Jane Robertson

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Jane is the founder of Millwood Shoes who offer high quality children's loafers that cater to the stylish mum struggling to find fashionable yet practical shoes for their little ones.

Her promise is to designing beautiful, high quality children's shoes that reflect a brand that is fun, durable and affordable.

She also makes shoes for Mum


Enjoy these wonderful 5 minutes with Jane..


My personal aesthetic is...classic, timeless smart casual. You never know who you're going to run into.  

Right now, I’m constantly wearing... Well it's very boring...either active wear or farm clothes at the moment.

The most essential item in my wardrobe is... Shirts. I own more long sleeve collared shirts than I do anything else.

The smell that transports me to a different time and place...Chanel No.5 It was my Grandmothers favourite every time I smell it I have the same vivid image of her putting it on whilst standing at her dresser.

My teenage crush was...Luke Perry. 

This song is the soundtrack to my life…Wow, so many to choose from and so varied. It could be Groove Armada or it could be Garth Brooks, too hard to choose just one song.  

I watched this over and over in my teens…8 Seconds - can you tell I grew up in Tamworth, NSW??

My guilty pleasure is...running. With 3 little people I have just started running again and I love it, really love it. I don't remember enjoying it as much as I do now.  Oh and cheese. I love Cheese.

Tonight, for dinner, I’m going to have... Eggplant, pumpkin and ricotta Lasagne. We're giving vegetarian meals a go a couple of nights a week. 

Right now I’m reading... Mother In Law by Sally Hepworth. I can't put it down, almost finished.  

My invite list  – living or dead – to the ultimate dinner party, would be ... I'd love to have met my Dad's parents, so it would probably be pulling our family together.

 ...I would set/decorate the table with... Honestly I am terrible at table decorations and setting a scene, so it would most likely be a few chairs around a fire in our paddock. Maybe a picnic rug and some great cushions…and I would feed them all…Roast Lamb, that we have slow cooked outside in the firepit and an incredible cheese board. 

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