C R E W - Lorica Clarke

C R E W - Lorica Clarke

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In celebration of our Lanai & Co launch we asked founder and designer Lorica Clarke to spend 5 min with us on the Journal. We love Lorica’s sense of style and think Lanai and Co is a match made in heaven with I&P...



Please enjoy 5 Min with LANAI & CO Founder, Lorica Clarke


My personal aesthetic is…Boujee´ - luxurious in lifestyle yet humble in character.

Right now, I’m constantly wearing… colourful midi dresses - feminine and fun!

The most essential item in my wardrobe is… a great summer dress I can throw on and go.

The smell that transports me to a different time and place… sea air 

My teenage crush was… Daryl Braithwaite in the days of Sherbet in the 70’s.

This song is the soundtrack to my lifeSummer Breeze by Seals & Crofts.

I watched this over and over in my teens…Fame But now I'm bingeing… love going to the art house movie cinemas - currently bingeing on the French film Festival.

My guilty pleasure is…. Having an almond croissant with my coffee on a Sunday morning with my Northern Beaches Soul Sisters swim group after our ocean swim at Palm Beach - simple guilty pleasure.

Tonight, for dinner, I’m going to have… Ottolenghi’s awesome sauce of mushroom, thyme, dill, chilli & feta with GF chickpea pasta - quick and delish.

Right now I’m readingIkigai - The Japanese Secret to a long and happy life :)

My invite list  – living or dead – to the ultimate dinner party, would be… wow…. Ok so I’d really love to hang out with Sting - I remember back in the 90’s I gave him a card with my phone number on it and passed it to him from the mosh pit while he as on stage performing at The State Theatre - yes he kindly took it, read it, smiled broadly and placed into his guitar strings… it said if your free this Sunday come to my house for lunch….hahaha oh the joy the fantasy of him coming to lunch - but then I get this phone call the next day with this English voice saying “hello is this Lorica - its Sting” my heart burst - he said he’d love to come for lunch! 

Turned out to be my husbands best mate (he witnessed this card exchange) and pretended to be Sting accepting the invitation which I 100% fell for - till he burst out laughing…. I’m forever grateful for the hoax coz I truly believed for 1 minute that String was really coming for lunch hahaha!

...and I would decorate the table with / or feed them with… fresh simple flowers, crystal glasses and white tableware - then add shared platters of fresh vegetables and seafood - this to me is the perfect table setting - the colours of the flowers and food create the perfect environment for letting the conversation be relaxed whilst dining with family and friends, oh and Sting!


 My fav way to wear my Jane shirt…. With Lanai & co jewellery :)


Lorica wears the I&P Jane Shirt in White $140
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Do you have the white short sleeve Jane shirt in white in size 10. Could not find

Do you have the white short sleeve Jane shirt in white in size 10. Could not find

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