L I S T E N - Long Lunching

L I S T E N - Long Lunching

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As I declared in July lunching is officially my thing.  Gathering with friends and family around a table laden with good food and wine is just about the best thing ever.  Made even better by good tunes.  To me a 'Long Lunching' mix-tape needs to be mellow in terms of volume, you don't want to over power the [hopefully] free flowing conversation, but every now and then you want to hear a track that gets you swaying in your chair and maybe even singing at the top of your lungs.  
As a result my selections for lunching tend to come from my past.  Lots of classic American rock ballads, a little blues thrown in and a sprinkling of newer tunes.

So if you're hosting Father's Day lunch this weekend, Long Lunching is for you.

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