O B S E S S I O N S - April

Victoria McEvoy

This month, like all of you we’ve been stuck at home.  Truth be told we’re quite good at being at home, always have been.  Just wish the 4 other family members weren’t here with me all the time!!!  It’s been a time to pull back, reflect and slow things the F down.  I’m annoyed I haven’t had as much Netflix or puzzle time as I would have liked (although I did binge watch Unorthodox in 2 days  – lockdown with a 3 year old is not conducive to day-time telly watching).  I was however, feeling anxious before the lockdown, worried about this silent but very deadly COVID virus and have felt that anxiety ease as we’ve bunkered down and flattened the curve so that’s a massive plus.

I am loving watching my kids ride bikes, read books and want to help me in the kitchen.  But the constant “screen-time” battle is real, the washing unfortunately is never ending, and so is the kitchen cleaning for that matter.  But I digress.  These are some of the things that have kept me going this month…

Layered – I&P + Armor Lux

It’s no secret we 💙 stripes.  Particularly when layered with an I&P shirt.  And as the weather starts to cool but you still want to look stylish for those zoom conference calls we think Irving & Powell and Armor Lux are a Perfect Match.

Mix-Tape – 90’s Memory Lane

This COVID isolation has got me all nostalgic for some reason.  I don't know why.  Maybe it's a longing for a simpler time.  So I've indulged and taken a deep dive into some of my favourite tracks from the decade.  The 90's I was in my teens and early twenties.  My music tastes from this time were heavily influenced by boys and heartache.  Movie soundtracks were also big, "Singles", "Reality Bites" and "Romeo & Juliet" to name a few.   I also have 2 older brothers who drilled their music tastes into me, with a lot of Tripe J thrown in.  

Click here to have a listen.

I have been loving all these wonderful chefs (unfortunately) stuck inside cooking from their home kitchens.  Two in particular have turned me into some sort of cooking groupie..
Dave Chang (yeah that’s right we’re on nickname basis) has been cooking for his little family.  I particularly love how cooks one handed, whilst battling with the phone as he talks about his mum and grandparents as he cooks.  He’s also frugal to a point – I’ve started growing spring onions on my windowsill and saving every grain of rice all because of Dave Chang.

I’ve also discovered Lucas Sin in this lockdown.  I am particularly mad for his Golden Fried Rice technique and have been trying to perfect it for weeks. Let’s just say it has something to do with eggs!!!  Also love his home kitchen tour here.


Closer to home, Freds in Paddington is in my opinion the best there is and chef Danielle Alvarez is an angel in the kitchen.  But I’m even madder for her home cooking approach.  Seriously good food that you can do at home.  Her Chicken Palliard with Sage is now a home staple.  She has a Cinnamon Rolls recipe I'm dying to tackle one of these ISO days soon.



This is Me

Photographer Julie Adams has taken her This Is Me project and turned it into an exquisite book that celebrates the female body, individuality and self-love.  Julie has partnered up with the extraordinary talent editor, Georgie Abay, who has worked with every woman featured in the book to capture their individual body image journey. Their words combined with their stunning portraits make for a very powerful read.

Available at all good book stores. 

RRP $39.99


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