O B S E S S I O N S - July

O B S E S S I O N S - July

A little run down of what we’re been doing, using and loving this month.  Simple pleasures.  Enjoy.
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A little run down of what we’re been doing, using and loving this month.  Simple pleasures.  Enjoy.


I’m no stranger to working from home.  I&P has been an at-home business since its inception so this COVID way of life is not really new to me.  Nor is the fact that my little sandstone foundation house is [f’ing] freezing in the winter time.  Whilst the husband and the kids rely on the gas heaters to keep them warm I tend to lean towards layering.  And this winter I’ve been thrilled to discover some wonderful Australian @buyfromthebush based businesses making gorgeous merino wool sweaters, perfect for layering with I&P.  In fact, this season, we teamed up with @ladykateknitwear to do a Meet the Makers feature in @graziher magazine.  Such a thrill to see our shirts beautifully styled under sumptuous Aussie Merino Wool.  The shots were taken by @clancyjob who has a magic Australian-ness quality to her images.


Now I’m not one to profess I have any idea when it comes to daily beauty routines, so I’m certainly not about to undertake an IGTV time-lapse video where I show you how I apply my face creams.  But for a while now I have worked the Go-To Face Hero Oil into my morning skin routine (and night when I can be bothered) and have not looked back.  My skin just loves this product and now I’ve got the whole family on-to it.  Hubby has his own bottle of Bro-To oil as I was sick of him using mine.  And after reading the product reviews I’ve just started my pre-teen son on the Gro-To Skin Wizard because his dry patches were getting OOC.  Now I just with @zoefosterblake would make a bigger bottle!!


Its official, lunching is my all-time favourite activity.  I’ve known it for years now but as I’m getting (hm-hmmm) older and bedtime is creeping earlier I think it’s time I make it official, I simply cannot cope with a bedtime later than 10pm.  So lunching is going to be my thing.  A couple of weeks ago I made it official with a delicious lunch for my husbands birthday.  I’m learning too.  A little bit of prep work the day before and keeping the dishes simple makes for a stress free day.  We had flaked smoked trout with @berkelo.au crackers and toppings a-la @everynightoftheweek style to start.  And then Jill Dupleix’s SLASHED (⚡️) lamb and roasted veges for the main, in particular Danielle Alvarez’s  Verjus Roasted Carrots, which were tres delish.  (Can’t wait for her cookbook to drop in October.)  Dessert was my Lemon Curd, Blueberry and Coconut Yoghurt pavlova.  A combination I often put together and it is seriously addictive.  If possible you must use Harris Farm’s coconut yoghurt



I have been a regular listener of the NY Times podcast The Daily for quite sometime now.  A couple of months ago I made the conscious decision to stop listening to is as I was getting slightly COVID anxious listening to the reports coming in from Italy and the US.  But as things have settled down somewhat I’m back!  Enjoying a “daily” 20/30min deep dive into a particular topic that’s pressing that day.  I also just binged their short series Rabbit Hole podcast by tech columnist Kevin Roose.  A fascinating and addictive look at the internet and what it is doing to us.  It left me so intrigued and aware of how reliant we have become on it as a day-to-day tool in our lives.  A bit scary to be honest but so good to learn about.


I am perhaps a little late to the party here but I just started watching Mrs America last night on Foxtel and love it already.  What a cast!!  Cate Blanchett, Rose Byrne (go Aussie go!), Uzo Aduba (Orange is the New Black), Jeanne Tripplehorn (massive Big Love fan) and many many more.   The costumes, music and archival footage immediately transport you back to the 70’s, I just love the juxtaposition between Phyllis Schafly’s uptight world and Gloria Steinem’s liberation.  I do however find myself marvelling at how Rose, as Gloria, can stand to have her hair curtaining her face the entire time.  It would drive me bonkers! 🤪


Can you feel it?  Can you feel the local travel love?  I certainly can and I’m so happy about it.  This time of year usually fills me with dread and FOMO as my insta feed spills over with European summer snaps, perfectly placed Aperol Spritz’s and bronzed bikini legs over looking an Ibiza sunset…you know the ones!  This winter I am loving that my feed is chockers full of New South Wales.  Friends spending time in our fabulous country, enjoying the simple pleasures of picnics and bonfires, winter swims and bushwalks.  We live in such a remarkable country, with so much variety and wonderful things to do.  I just love that we’re exploring it finally.  Here are a few snaps from our little get aways these school holidays.


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