D W E L L - Our Favourite Stylist

D W E L L - Our Favourite Stylist

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At Irving & Powell we love a stylist who knows all about making the most of life. And we think Mr. Jason Grant is the epitome of the relaxed Australian lifestyle that we all love to embrace.

In our eyes he is the master of the muted colour tone. He gets that things don’t have to be screaming to stand out. His edits are always liveable and refined with a great sense of fun. At the very heart of his projects you can always see he has approached it with the laid back style that is quintessentially Australian.

There is often a hint or a nautical element that we can relate to.

His collaboration with Murabond produced the kind of paint colours that makes you want to pull out your next DIY project. We think he loves blue as much as we do.

Its Jason’s personal style as much as his interiors that resonate with the Irving & Powell brand. He is always dressed in the perfect chino and T-shirt and we really cant go past the Margiela sneakers (seriously great). 

Jason has recently opened an online store to showcase his favorite homewares. It’s a great edit and I’m sure you’ll find something that would sit perfectly at your place. We particularly like the retro mesh table seen here at our favourite holiday destination The Atlantic Byron Bay.

Keep up with Jason @mr_jason_grant trust us, you’ll be inspired.

All images courtesy of mrjasongrant.com


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