Three Ply Sock - Orange

Three Ply Sock - Orange

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In this day and age of fast fashion good socks are few and far between.  And a bad sock can ruin your day. Thanks heavens for the UES Three Ply Sock!
We stumbled across them whilst strolling the streets of Daikanyama in Tokyo.  Lured in by their custom-made denim we fell in love with their quirky t-shirts and denim trucker caps.
We keep coming back to this sock, day in day out.  The most comfortable fit and no bagging or sagging in sight.  The colours are spot on and seeing them sneak out of your canvas trainer will only make your day just that little brighter.

  • unisex fit
  • 25-27cm
  • machine washable
  • made in japan
All images courtesy of UES Clothing MFG Co.

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