IRVING & POWELL: def. The result when a top-level New York fashion exec sets out to create the perfect  shirt...

Like most great things, necessity was the mother of invention. Our founder, Vic, wanted a shirt. For her. That was (in the words of Goldilocks) just right. You’d think that would be simple, but she kept pinching Sam’s to get the right fit. Despite having worked for some of the best designers in the world — Ralph Lauren and Tory Burch — in New York, she had a gap in her basics.

She wanted a shirt that felt perfectly worn in day one, but that got better with age too. A style that was easy, but classic. Something she could pull straight off the line or out of a suitcase and throw on. Something that looked as good tucked into a ball gown as boyfriend jeans.

At Irving & Powell we keep the tailoring simple. We keep the fabrics natural. And the colours faded. Great style should never look too much like hard work. So we put in the hard yards, so you look effortless.

We make shirts that are easy to wear and last a lifetime.  We believe everyone needs a classic white shirt in their closet. Army green is the best colour. Ever. Navy’s up there too.
We don’t like fashion that looks too much like hard work.

Established in 2014 Victoria McEvoy