O B S E S S I O N S - August

O B S E S S I O N S - August

Flared jeans, greek feasts and yet another mix-tape.  These are the things Vic's been loving lately.
I&P TASTEMAKERS - Hayden Quinn Reading O B S E S S I O N S - August 4 minutes Next C O P Y 😻 - @parisianvibe
70’s STYLE

Obviously, I’m here for the shirts, but more often than not it’s my jeans that seem to generate the most interest @victoria_mcevoy_ And now there’s a new pair on the block, my Sailor Jeans from @rollasjeans.  Paired with a tucked in I&P they give such good 70’s vibes and an instant effortless outfit.

I’ve also seen Barbie recently and I loved how Jacqueline Durran, the costume designer used sunglasses, especially for Ken.  I find sunglasses can be such an easy way to finish an outfit and capture whatever mood you are feeling that day.  I especially love them to add colour.  I snapped up this pair from @addtocart the other day, giving me real barbie vibes.

There’s been a lot of good telly lately, I have devoured so many things.  Standouts for me have been the Wham doco on Netlix.  So much amazing footage and music.  I couldn’t get over them filling Wembley stadium after only 4 years together.  I’m not sure that would happen these days.  And what a wonderful portrayal of male friendship.

Hijack on AppleTV was really good viewing with the hubby.  Full of suspense and LOTS of Idris Alba which is always a good thing.

But what really stuck with me was season 2 of The Bear.  What a show.  The casting, storylines, food porn, it’s perfect.  Jeremy Allen White is, well, um quite frankly divine.  The man sure can wear a t-shirt.  There is a story line with the character Richie that had me so invested and rooting for him to win.  So great.  Definitely binge season 1 & 2 if you haven’t already - It's brilliant.

The other thing I loved about The Bear is the use of music to add to the scene.  The soundtrack has this awesome 90’s rock undertone with lots of Pearl Jam, Smashing Pumpkins and ACDC.  It’s just the kind of stuff you want to cook to.  So of course, I couldn’t let sleeping dogs lie and I used it as an inspiration for my own Cooking with the Bear playlist.  I cannot wait to get the tunes pumping and get stuck into some cooking.  Hope you love it too.

And I am dying to get stuck into Helena & Vikki Moursellas new cookbook, PEINÁO, out Sept 1st.  The classic slow-cooked lamb shoulder with patates tiganites looks to die for.  Who doesn’t love a Greek slow-cooked lamb with potatoes.  Nobody.

If you have teenage kids like me then you know the power of social media and how they just devour it constantly.  We don’t monitor our kids that much on what they are watching but every now and then I like to ask them what Tik Tok they are watching.  Everyone’s Tik Tok is different because everyone’s algorithm is different.  So, I like to ask them what their algorithm is serving them.  I always prepare myself for “diet culture-tok”, “toxic masculinity-tok”, I even am prepared for “soft porn-tok” But the other day I asked my 12 year old daughter and she replied “I’m watching an old man make milkshakes.  He’s so sweet”.  I was not prepared for "milkshake- tok" but I’m bloody happy about it. 
So I give you the Spirit Alchemist.  You will definitely find a cocktail here to go with the classic slow-cooked lamb shoulder and Cooking with the Bear playlist. (Can you tell I'm getting ready to have a dinner party soon!!!)

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