O B S E S S I O N S - July

O B S E S S I O N S - July

It’s been a while.  No excuse other than time.  Seeing as us Sydneysiders are going to be spending a little extra time at home this month I thought I’d dedicate some time to this month’s obsessions.  Enjoy.

This month we’re launching our brand-new collection, Nantucket.  Inspired by a softer colour palette of pretty sage greens, dusty roses and slate blues.  We’ve found baby pinstripes, lightweight brushed-cotton plaids and soft, drapey ginghams.
We’re kicking things off with the Franklin Plaid Shirt.  This is not your average flannel.  A light-weight brushed cotton plaid which will take you right into the spring and beyond.


This weekend is my husbands (lockdown) birthday and for his birthday I found this super cool @ulahengineering firepit at the wonderful @larderandhome in Lucknow in the Central West.  It comes with a grill plate so you can cook over the open fire.  And I want to christen this bad boy with Paella.  I’ve seen it done before over a campfire and it just looks effortlessly cool so we’re going to give it a whirl.  I’m just going to use this Harris Farm recipe as a guide.  I am going to add prawns for sure.  I’ll let you know how it goes 🤞

If you’ve been following along to our Obsessions for a while now, you’ll know we love a good playlist.  This one’s been in our library for some time now and we just add to it as we go.  Sunday Chill.  Not just for Sundays, it’s what we listen to when we want the mood to relax, chill out and feel like a, you know, Sunday.  A necessity for a house with 3 kids, a puppy, and a husband.  Especially now when we’re all on top of each other.  So, if you need the house to chill to why not give it a Listen.

My husband introduced me to @nats_what_i_reckon and I’ve enjoyed watching his videos but after watching him the other night on @abctv latest episode of One Plus One with @courtneyact I’m now mad for him.  What an awesome guy.  Such a great role model for the young men in our life.  Not afraid to talk about his mental health challenges, overcoming physical adversity.  He also talks about the importance of separating yourself from the “bro-zone layer” and instead embracing inclusivity and kindness through laughter.  This weekend I’m sitting down with my young man to watch this one together. 
Nat’s a great role model is what I reckon 😉   

So many recommendations around at the moment.  I thought I’d add a few things I’ve watched and really enjoyed lately in case you’re looking for more tips this weekend.

Physical – With our favourite Aussie gal, Rose Byrne.  We’re really enjoying this one.  The costumes and sets are so on point, transporting you right back to the 80’s.  Sheila’s self-loathing is so toxic and out of control making it a perfect dark comedy you can fly through.  AppleTV+

Mosquito Coast – Another AppleTV+ original with another favoutire Aussie, Melissa George.  You might remember the original movie version with Harrison Ford and River Pheonix.  This one also stars Justin Theroux who we have loved watching ever since the mysterious The Leftovers.  This is fast paced drama with exceptional acting.

Lupin – The second series is here of this really great French thriller.  Now it has subtitles, so you have to concentrate but once you get into the rhythm of it it’s great. Omar Sy as Lupin is divine.  Netflix

Call My Agent – Another French subtitled show. I devoured this brilliant comedy-drama.  What a show!  Absolutely loved it and now want to learn French if only so I can go around saying things like ‘voilà’ and ’tout de suite’ on a daily basis.  Netflix

How Can you Mend a Broken Heart – This was brilliant!  A deep dive into the Bee Gees rise, fall and path out of the rubble.  A reminder to how amazingly talented they were/are and how incredibly influential they have been to modern music.  Definitely 10/10.  Binge

Zoe’s Extraordinary Playlist – We’ve watching this one together as a family.  It’s cute, catchy and fun.  Love a show that we can all watch together and enjoy.  Stan