Obsessions? Vic's got a few.. We've teamed up with six of our favourite Australian chefs, cooks, stylists, bakers and makers to celebrate the season ahead with plenty of inspiration focused on the hottest spot in the house: the kitchen.
We're using this month's obsessions to Introduce our latest venture, Tastemakers, a celebration of our favourite hardworking entertainers that nourish us. We're obsessed with what they cook, obsessed with what they’re creating - and we're obsessed with what they’re wearing (Irving & Powell of course!).

I’m thrilled to introduce you to our new Tastemakers series. I don’t know about you, but my Instagram feed is filled with delicious food and the women who create, cook and style it. Nourishing for the soul, mind and body. I love the way they look at the world and all the gloriousness there is about food, entertaining and gathering with friends. This summer you’ll see the likes of Danielle Alvarez, Sophie Hansen, Lucy Tweed (aka Every Night of the Week), Vikki & Helena Moursellas, Kirsten Jenkins, and more sporting I&P, and sharing insights into their favourite ways to entertain and plenty of other drool worthy good stuff!

Mad for Madras. This summer I am going to be wearing Madras. Exclusively. I just can’t get enough. 

We have been busy little bees over here at Irving & Powell and have designed our very own exclusive fabric for the summer months:  a 100% cotton Madras Plaid, hand-woven in India. With a fun combination of colours that create a rich, vibrant pattern, it is super lightweight and airy you’ll forget you're even wearing it.

Available now in The Jane and coming soon in the NEW Perry Dress and Mercer Shirt.Christmas gifting for me is about finding interesting, fun, one-of-a-kind pieces that I just know the recipient will love.  And we’ve sourced some good stuff for you so you can #givegoodgift.  We’ve got fun entertaining items from US based brand @fredericksandmae.  Adorable stocking stuffers from US brand @3potato4 (hello cute teachers’ gifts!).  Cult-like @frankgreen_official water bottles for the pre-teen in your life (or those in need of emotional support).  Need a perfect host gift?  We’ve got @huntercandles that make for a beautiful thank you gift. 

Time for a playlist update this Summer. Some of these tracks aren't really new, in fact they're years old - but they're new to me. My tastes are definitely changing which I love. You can teach an old dog new tricks. 

As always a big thanks to my mate @Rigglo. He does listen to new music and helps to keep me relevant and introduce me to new stuff. We've always got to be open to learning don't you think?

So, I give you my Summer '22 playlist. It will be on repeat. Listen here.

So, so many shows out there now.  It’s hard to keep up.  Like my music choices I’m probably a bit behind with my watch list but here’s what I’ve been watching lately.

  • White Lotus on Binge. Absolutely loved the first season. This one is dragging a little for me to be honest, but I just know it’s about to have a big twist and that just blows my mind. The suspense is killing me.
  • Yellow Jackets on Paramount. A psychological thriller about a girls’ soccer team in the 80s who survive in the wilderness after a plane crash. It sucked me in quickly but it’s not for the faint-hearted.  There are some gory scenes.
  • And of course, The Handmaids Tale. Again, like White Lotus I’m over halfway through and I’m just waiting for the big thing that’s going to happen. I just know it. I’m hoping it’s got something to do with Aunt Lydia. Praise be!

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