C R E W - Charlie Cameron

C R E W - Charlie Cameron

Charlie Cameron

You’re going to love getting to know Charlie. This Aussie expat shares snippets from her daily life in Singapore on her gorgeous feed and online store, @lottieisloving. Charlie believes the aesthetic of the things we use everyday can inform how we feel about these ordinary every day moments. Picture pristine white interiors with carefully curated colour palettes. Simple table settings with dreamy linen and bamboo cutlery. Effortlessly easy fashion pieces that you can easily picture yourself in. This busy little bee also produces a really gorgeous and thoughtful online magazine, ‘Home/Life’ we are fortunate enough to call Lottie is Loving home, with Irving & Powell being newly added to her collection.


Please enjoy our magic 5 minutes with Charllie Cameron..


My personal aesthetic is... Classic.  My aim is to have my fashion choices look effortless and stylish - I'm not sure if I manage to pull that off all the time but that's at least my aim!

Right now, I’m constantly wearing... Anything cotton.  Having lived in Singapore for the better part of a decade, I have come to realise that breathable, natural fabrics are the only way forward.  Plus, I love the way cotton feels on the skin and it's ability to be both soft and somehow crisp.

The most essential item in my wardrobe is...undies!  I usually buy them from Jockey in Australia when I return home, but since travel is no longer possible, I just did a bulk order and and had them sent to me. They're not particularly glamorous or sexy, but they are damn good knickers! 


The smell that transports me to a different time and place... The smell of eucalyptus always reminds me of home.  I was recently sick with dengue (for far too many weeks) and a lovely customer surprised me with some flowers delivered at home one day.  In the bunch was eucalyptus and it immediately made me feel better and it reminded me of how important it can be to include scent in your home for a feeling of comfort and happiness.

My teenage crush was... Madonna circa 'like a virgin' days.  I loved the Borderline video clip and I always wanted to grow up and dry my armpits in a public toilet using the hand dryer a la 'Desperately Seeking Susan'. I thought she was so cool. (Apologies for anyone under the age of 45 who has no idea what I am talking about).

This song is the soundtrack to my life... We are Family, Sister Sledge.  Love me a bit of disco. 


I watched this over and over in my teens… Flashdance.  There is not a scene in this movie I don't know off by heart. I always cried in the last scene.  What a feeling.

My guilty pleasure is... scrolling endlessly through Instagram. 


Tonight, for dinner, I’m going to have... Someone else cook for me!  Friday nights my husband and I always eat out.  We usually sit at a bar somewhere fun and catch up on the week over a glass of wine and a plate of something delicious (we are still doing this despite the fact that 'catching up on the week' is somewhat irrelevant now that we work in the same office (i.e. in the study at home) - still, it's good to hang on to some of the small things that anchored our life pre-Covid, and this is one of them.


Right now I’m reading... I've just finished American Dirt.  I was intrigued to read it after it had received such high praise, and I wanted to understand the appropriation and #ownvoices backlash that happened after it had reached the best sellers list.  Some people love this book but I found it just OK - after reading it I think the criticism it received was fair and on point.    

My invite list  – living or dead – to the ultimate dinner party, would be... My closest family and friends.  Honestly, at this point, nothing would give me more joy than to lay the table, cook in the kitchen and have all the people most important to me walk through the door.  This has been a hard year for all of us living away - not knowing when we will be able to see our loved ones next has been really hard. 


...and I would feed them all... Mushroom arancini with a rocket, pear and parmesan salad and a bright slaw salad.  An easy and delicious meal that covers off most dietary requirements with minimal fuss. 


...and decorate the table with… my favourite Maison de Vacances gingham napkins, Italian glassware and Sabre bamboo cutlery.

My fav way to wear my Franklin shirt... is over a silk slip dress tied in a knot with a pair of sandals.  The perfect dressed up but still relaxed look for heading out for a night of fun.   


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