C R E W - Take a moment with the stylish Nat de Corte

Victoria McEvoy Crew Style

We first met Nat in 2017 when we did a feature on our Franklin Gingham Shirt for The Grace Tales.  We were immediately attracted to her beautiful personality but also her 'can-do' attitude.  She was so graceful as we pulled her from pillar to post, changing clothes on the spot, trespassing on private property to get that perfect shot.  Since then she's been an amazing supporter of I&P and for that we will be forever grateful.  
She's a ballerina, a Polo ambassador, mum to 4 divine kiddies, a wonderful home cook and cute-as-a-button in the garden.  Please enjoy 5 Min with the gorgeous Nat de Corte

  • My personal aesthetic is… Feminine/classic/practical.
  • Right now, I’m constantly wearing… fun Sunglasses.
  • The most essential item in my wardrobe is…Nursing bras.
  • The smell that transports me to a different time and place… I Love the smell before a thunderstorm hits. It always reminds me of my childhood and endless Australian summer holidays riding our bikes around the suburbs.
  • My teenage crush was… Jason Priestley, or any of the 90210 guys really.  
  • This song is the soundtrack to my life… Anything Taylor swift seems to be playing on repeat thanks to my 9 year old, and then my two year old learns all the words and sings it when its not playing. 
  • My guilty pleasure is… Cinnamon scrolls
    [speaking of did anyone see @daniellemariealvarez post yesterday???]
  • Tonight, for dinner, I’m going to have… Something I can whip together from loose ends in the fridge! I have some meatball mix I made and froze ages ago, sad looking broccoli, peas, chicken stock, roasted pumpkin, and the last of the gardens cherry toms. I’m going to chuck it all in an oven dish with rice top with cheese and herbs, @everynightoftheweek style. 
  • Right now I’m readingSwing time, Zadie Smith
  • My invite list  – living or dead – to the ultimate dinner party, would be … I have a group friends that live in England from when I danced in the Royal Ballet. We are all grown up and retired from ballet these days with a gazillion kids so it's very hard to keep in touch or get together when I visit that side of the world. I would love to have them all to a kid free dinner party and reminisce ...and I would feed them all… Spaghetti vongole and Aperol spritz’s!
  • My fave way to wear my Franklin shirt…Always tied or tucked into a high waist [Yes M'am!]

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