O B S E S S I O N S - December

O B S E S S I O N S - December

It's been a while since we've sat down and done one of these but with Christmas nearly here it felt like the time is right.  
Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

It's been a while since we've sat down and done one of these but with Christmas nearly here it felt like the time is right. 
Enjoy and Merry Christmas!


This month we were lucky enough to be included in Graziher’s Christmas Eve Shoot with recipes by the very clever Sophie Hansen and dreamy images by Clancy Job.  I have both of Sophie’s cookbooks and they are always the ones I reach for when needing flavoursome recipes when cooking for a crowd.  Needless to say I jumped at the chance to enjoy a meal with Sophie.
It was a gorgeous, mild evening at Sophie’s family property in Orange, NSW, we even had a little shower of rain which seemed so hopeful, especially after last year.  It also meant I was so comfortable in my Awning Stripe Shirt in red/white which made me feel appropriately festive.
The whole menu was so divine in its simplicity and taste but my favourites were the  ‘Little Corn Fritters with Chorizo Crumbs and Herbed Labne we had for starters partnered beautifully with Elderflower & Prosecco Sprtiz.  You can find the recipes and images here pulled from this season’s Graziher magazine.


Not entirely sure who or what Christmas lunch is going to be this year but I can tell you I will be using my new Maison de Vacances Gingham Napkins I procured from our Singapore stockist Lottie Lifestyle.  The Rainbow Gingham set make me smile.  
P.S How beautiful are Charlie's table settings for Christmas.  You can read more about the effortlessly stylish Charlie Cameron from Lottie Lifestyle here.



This month I’m all about sneakers.  Veja to be precise.  We've picked up 2 classic styles this season for the site and both have secured a spot in my wardrobe. 
You know Veja, you've seen the super chic ‘V’ logo more and more these days.  Designed in France and made in Brazil. 
I wore the V-10 leather sneaker dressed up for Christmas lunch with friends, the pink trim details pairing perfectly with my new Parker Wrap Skirt from Apartment Clothing and the Nova Canvas High-Top have replaced my old white (now v grey) canvas sneakers.

I love a podcast.  I’ve done the lot.  Murder mysteries, in depth daily news, self-help and thought provoking interviews but at the moment all I want is funny.  I want to laugh out loud and take a break from everything.  So this month I have devoured Smartless  A hilarious 4-way conversation with Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes, Will Arnett and a mystery guest.  I love the format but honestly I could just listen to the 3 guys banter away and basically give each other s#it.  Every episode is so funny but this one with Ricky Gervais nearly made me pee my pants.


Further to my desire for all things light-hearted and fun I have started following @theyeetbaby.  An adorable account featuring baby Marleigh and her uncle.  This post in particular makes me smile every time.  It's also just a great account to share with the kids and watch together.

Unlike my children I do not really get the YouTube phenomenon.  Hours and hours of what seems like mind numbing, poorly created content.  But then I heard about Uncle Roger.  Comedian Nigel Ng hilariously reviews or critiques videos of western cooks tackling the Asian staple that is fried rice.  No one is spared.  Uncle Roger takes on world class chefs like Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsey too.  You can definitely go down the YouTube rabbit hole with Uncle Roger.  His exasperation is palpable!!

 I've been trying to break out of my playlist funk at the moment.  It's been a while since I've challenged my ears and listened to some 'new stuff'.  So I've been popping onto my mate @rigglo and pinching from the plethora of playlists to be had (May is particularly good).  I say 'new' as whilst these tracks aren't necessarily new releases they feel refreshing to me and I'm enjoying listening again.  
So here’s my list of ‘new’ stuff I'm digging for Summer '20.


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