O B S E S S I O N S - January

O B S E S S I O N S - January

This month, on the east coast of Australia, has certainly been one for the books.  A crazy summer of fires & drought sweeping across the state.  It has left us feeling a bit scared and anxious.  But, as so often happens, there is also a sense of hope with amazing instances of communities banding together, selfless people rescuing our precious wildlife and city supporting country.  These stories have helped me to see a brighter side to all this tragedy and has left me feeling inspired and proud to be, well, Aussie!

Inspired by the farm shirts worn by all good cowboys out west, we love the ‘work-shirt’ vibe of the Sullivan Chambray Popover
The half placket styling (a fancy way of saying the buttons only go halfway!) means that when you’re out and about on the farm things don’t get caught in the buttons, thereby tearing your shirt.  For all you urban cowgirls (a-la Jane Fonda grocery shopping) out there the half placket helps to give this shirt a relaxed, less fuss vibe.  And don’t fear we’ve got you urban cowboys covered too with the Thompson Popover.
In 2019 we moved our production from overseas to downtown Melbourne.  Being an Australian Made brand has been a goal for us since day one. The Sullivan Chambray Popover is a great example of the wonderful production our new factory is doing.

More a resolution than obsession, but this month we’ve travelled to some our favourite NSW destinations.  Out to our family property in the Central West, Orange and then up the north coast to Hawks Nest & Crescent Head.  My goal for 2020 is to expand on this even more and plan some local travel with my friends and family.  I’m thinking South Coast for Easter and perhaps a road trip to Melbourne in the tail end of the year.  Simple journeys and adventures to show my children more of this wonderful country.
Empty Esky

This summer has also reminded me how special our native wildlife is, but in particular our many wild and wacky native birds.  In general I have a bit of a bird-phobia but Australian birds have me intrigued.  I find them incredibly beautiful and mesmerising. I have been reminded how amazing @leilajeffreys bird portraits are.
I also thoroughly enjoyed Sarah Kanowski’s interview, “Talking magpies, grieving tawny frogmouths and canny galahs” with Gisela Kaplan.

Leila Jeffreys

Summer reads are a must.  The one time of the year I have some time to myself to do some day time reading.  Cilka’s Journey by the wonderful Australian story teller Heather Morris was the perfect beachside read.  I devoured it from cover to cover in 2 days, unheard of with 3 children!!!
Cilka's Journey

I&P Aussie Tracks Mix Tape
Starting with Boom Crash Opera and ending with ACDC this is an Aussie playlist that spans the decades and genres.  Songs from our childhood, teenage angst years listening to Triple J and some of our current favs.  This one should get you belting out a tune or two.
Click the Spotify link to have a listen.

“You want the mince, like…tan”
Now this one’s not Aussie in theme, but January holidays have also been a time of indulgence and allowing myself the time to go down a few internet rabbit holes.  That’s how I found “Cooking with Paris” 
Not really a recommendation per-se, her cooking method left me somewhat perplexed, but definitely giggle worthy.  I have to admit watching her hair fall into everything and the thought of what her fingerless gloves might be covered in left me so stressed out I had to watch Jennifer Garner’s pumpkin bread video just to set myself straight again. #parislasagna
Cooking With Paris

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