C R E W - Take a moment with our founder Victoria McEvoy

C R E W - Take a moment with our founder Victoria McEvoy

I&P Crew - Take a moment with our founder, Victoria McEvoy
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  • My personal aesthetic is...Uncomplicated, lighthearted & tongue in cheek.  I love nothing better than wearing a suit rather than a dress.
  • Right now, I’m constantly wearing...My pink hightop Converse & red Quay sunglasses.  I love the colour clash.
  • The most essential item in my wardrobe is...My denim.  Jeans, jackets, shorts - I reach for them daily.
  • The smell that transports me to a different time and place... Amazing Grace by Philosophy.  Always takes me back to summers spent on Fire Island with our New York family.
  • My teenage crush was...Ethan Hawke in Reality Bites.  Hands down.
  • This song is the soundtrack to my life...Music. Also at the centre of my favourite memories.  First song that comes to mind is "Mr Jones" by Counting Crows so I'm going to go with that one.  I have loved that song for decades now.  "Stay" by Lisa Loeb and "One" by U2 have also been my standby favourites.
  • I watched this over and over in my teens…"Reality Bites" was really huge for me.  It ticked all my tragic teenage angst boxes and I just wanted a love like Troy and Lelaina's.  "Friends" was in high rotation too.
  • My guilty pleasure is...Wine.  Old school Smiths Salt & Vinegar. Karaage Chicken.  Chocolate covered liquorice.  What I'm having for my next meal is always at the front of my mind.
  • Tonight, for dinner, I’m going to have...Meatballs.  Made by my husband & daughter.  Team effort.
  • Right now I’m reading...The Van Apfel Girls Are Gone by Felicity McLean.  Old school, paperback.
  • My invite list  – living or dead – to the ultimate dinner party, would be ...Oh lordie this is a doozy.   Ryan Reynolds because he is hilarious and a dish.  The Duffer Brothers because I'm obsessed with Stranger Things and want the intel.  Lucy Tweed from ENOTW so we could drink martinis and talk food.  The Lumineers to kick off a night of acoustic singing once dessert is done and a handful of my besties, old & new and I guess my hubby, Sam, he can come too.
    ...and I would feed them all...Momofuku's Bo Ssam because that shit is to die for. 
  • My fave way to wear my Franklin shirt...Tucked in tight to a pair of jeans with the buttons undone just-so to get that perfect amount of cleavage. Oh and the sleeves MUST be rolled.

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