O B S E S S I O N S - December

O B S E S S I O N S - December

Our new Lennox Safari Shirt in Camel.  It can be a tricky colour to wear but I just love the safari vibe.  Tucked into a high-waisted pair of denim or white flares, it has this great 70’s vibe…a-la Lauren Hutton

Christmas is fast approaching and I’m in planning mode as we are hosting this year.  I am determined to keep things really simple this year.  A week or so ago I was so fortunate to attend a Christmas workshop with my girl crush Lucy Tweed, aka Every Night of the Week.  (If you haven’t signed up for her newsletter already jump on board quick smart.  You won’t regret it)  She armed us with an entire Christmas menu, a-lot of which can be prepared in advance and I am planning on copying it dish for dish.  I’m most excited about the Chilli Pickled Pineapple for the ham.
ENOTW Pickled Pineapple


For home this month it’s all about the festive season as well.  Ever since moving home from living abroad I am really into injecting some "Australiana" into our decorations.  I can’t wait to hang up our Elk & Tom Christmas Beetles. And aren’t these Down to the Woods koalas just the bees knees??
Ok, ok I’m completely behind the 8 ball here (I mean there are after all 5 seasons you can now binge on) but I am currently devouring episodes of My Dad Wrote A Porno  like nobody’s business.  It is absolutely hilarious.  30 min or so of complete stupidity, witty humour and some of the most vomit worthy sex scenes you could imagine.  I highly recommend (however if you can’t handle rude, crude and base humour then this is not the one for you at all).
I’m always looking for short, sharp and straight to the point ways to keep updated, so this month I signed up to my local Mosman Collective Newsletter.  I’m loving getting a quick hit in my inbox about what’s going on in my local area in a light-hearted fashion.  It’s always good to feel a bit more involved in your community and up-to-date with what’s going on in your hood.  If your around the Mosman hood you should sign up too.

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