C R E W - Take a moment with photographer, Julie Adams

C R E W - Take a moment with photographer, Julie Adams

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Julie Adams
Every now and then someone comes along and straight away you know they’re a “keeper”.  Julie (Jools) Adam’s is one of those.  I first met Jools as expats together in New York over a decade ago and have been firm friends since.

You are probably already familiar with her extensive portfolio for The Grace Tales.  Her work is often seen on the pages of Vogue, Marie Claire, The Australian and Women's Weekly.  Rarely seen without her camera, Jools is constantly clicking away, capturing precious moments and beautifully simple scenes of day-to-day life and portraits.

Not one to sit back and idle, Jools can now add author to her many talents, with the release of Grace Mothers – Letters to our Children earlier this year.  Her second title, due out early 2020, This is Me, is a collection of #unretouched portraits celebrating the female body, individuality and self-love.  If you’re not familiar with this inspiring project we highly encourage you to follow @thisismeseries on Instagram.

  • My personal aesthetic is…Hmm that’s tricky  … I just like to wear what I feel suits me … I guess classic with a twist ..
  • Right now, I’m constantly wearing… My Akubra … I’m a total wannabe country girl 
  • The most essential item in my wardrobe is… Absolutely my white I&P franklin shirt it’s my go-to from work to the beach ...
  • The smell that transports me to a different time and place…Rosemary … always takes me straight back to Italy 
  • My teenage crush was…Very tempted to fib here (but know my ‘teenage' friends won’t let me get away with it!) …. OK …. it was Michael Jackson - but very very early teens … maybe tweens :) …  but it was serious! :)
  • This song is the soundtrack to my life…Impossible question … I mean I swing from Michael Jackson … to Pavarotti … to Nina Simone … to ACDC - am I in the car?… making dinner?… dancing in the living room?… I’ll have to pass!!!
  • My guilty pleasure is…Wine without question ..
  • Tonight, for dinner, I’m going to have… Risotto Primavera… it's Sunday eve … time up my sleeve :)
  • Right now I’m reading…Excitingly proof reading my book “This is Me’ coming out next March …
  • My invite list  – living or dead – to the ultimate dinner party, would be …My ultimate dinner party will always be with my family and friends ….but the setting would be king here:) … a long table outdoors (in Italy) over looking the vineyards followed by dancing in the piazza …gorgeous sunset … lots of colour … ...and I would feed them all…We’d start with a Spritz  … before settling into a full Italian feast … 
  • My fave way to wear my Franklin shirt thrown on with my jeans, untucked and relaxed or tucked in to a fabulous skirt …. And if I can’t find them … my daughter has pinched them … particularly loves them for the beach!Journal Jule Adams

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